Dog Training : How to Train Dog Not to Bark at Visitors

In order to keep a dog from barking at visitors, it’s a good idea to never make a personal entry or exit an exciting thing. Allow a dog to settle down after returning home with help from a dog trainer in this free video on pet care and obedience training for dogs.


How to teach your dog to CALMLY walk on a LOOSE LEASH (part II)

This is the second part of my tutorial on walking your dog on a loose leash. In addition to teaching your dog that staying next to you is rewarding, you can take some measures to ensure that your dog remains calm and relaxed as you walk them.

How To Teach A Dog To Walk On A Leash – The Calm K9 Dog Training

Meet Sarge! He came to us today from Friends of Lebanon Animals and will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks. He has a major issue barking and lunging while pulling on the leash. Here we go over step by step how to teach a dog to walk on a leash without pulling, barking, or lunging. The entire process from start to finish on almost any dog generally takes less then ten minutes. During this process we don’t give commands to the dog or even speak to them. We want to keep our energy calm and relaxed so that the dog can learn to pay close attention to what we are doing without getting amped up.

Gundog training how to teach GSP pup to quarter a pattern (basics)

This video shows how I teach my GSP pups to learn to quarter as directed maintaining pattern and speed. I use verbal, visual and whistle to aid me in this. This pup is 4 month.