Stop your dog jumping at the table

Does your dog drive you mad at dinnertime? Does he jump up at the table and try to steal your family’s food? We have some tips how to nip that puppy in the bud!
Teach your dog to be a great part of the family and work on his own food instead of yours!


Teach Puppy Not to Jump on people…………………Peter Caine, Brooklyn Dog training

Peter Caine Brooklyn Dog training

Stop Your Dog From Jumping on You and Your Kids

When your dog jumps on you and others he can hurt himself or someone else. Kari will teach you how to stop your dog from jumping on people.

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How to train your dog not to jump up. Five useful tips.

Want some ideas on how to train a dog that jumps up? In this video I provide some ideas to assist with your dog training, particularly if you have a dog that jumps up. There is nothing more annoying than having a dog jump up on you or your visitors, but the problem can be addressed with regular and consistent training.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Jump

How to train your dog not to jump

Do you want to know how to stop your dog from jumping on you and others?

So many people are short circuited early in their attempts to train their dog because their dog jumps and they become frustrated and stop. Share this video to help others learn how to effectively communicate with their dog without force!

The problem may seem big, but the solution is pretty simple! In my LATEST video, I’ll give you a thorough yet easy-to-understand way to end ALL unwanted jumping!