How To Train Your Dog To Come: Step 2 Tutorial

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Step 2 of training your dog how to come is a very important step because this is where you train your dog or puppy that come means to run back to you no matter what.

You will find that when you are trying to teach your dog to come that if you want the command to be reliable then you have to go slow in upping the level of distractions.

Training your dog to come perfectly is not hard, but it does require time and consistency in order to have a reliable recall.

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How To Train Your Dog To Sit: Step 1 Tutorial

Learn about the first step of how to train your dog to sit.

In this tutorial I will explain the first step of training your dog to sit which is actually the most important step.

To get started all you will need are some small dog treats, nothing else.

Step 1 of teaching your dog how to sit is about luring the dog into a seated position, and then telling them the word sit.

It is very important that you don’t say the word sit until the dog is actually in the position.

When the dog does sit make sure you give him the treat fast before he gets back up!